Compilation Engagement CSRS 4200 COURSE

The new Canadian Standards for Related Services (CSRS 4200) are in effect since December 14, 2021. Certified Accounting Practitioners with RPA designation must complete the Canadian Ethics for Accountants and Compilation Engagement CSRS4200 courses to fulfill the requirement of practitioner certification and issuing the Compilation Engagement Report.

The Society of Professional Accountants of Canada is pleased to announce the launch of the much-needed comprehensive and practical course on “Compilation Engagement CSRS 4200”. The Society’s objective is to protect the public interest in the field of accounting and tax services.

“This course is compulsory for all RPA members who are in public practice. This course provides practitioners a comprehensive knowledge and application of the new compilation engagement standards CSRS4200. The course also provides training on the use of CaseWare software for completing the work on Compilation Report.” said Zubair Choudhry, President & CEO of the Society.

The Society of Professional Accountants of Canada strongly advises RPA members to subscribe to CaseWare software which includes all the tools necessary to perform the compilation engagement services and issue the report.

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