About us

The Society of Professional Accountants of Canada (SPAC) is a professional organization that sets standards of professional competence in the practice of accountancy. The Society has members across Canada and internationally with proven capabilities. The Society proudly exudes the distinction of offering the premier professional designation, RPA (Registered Professional Accountant) and APA (Accredited Professional Accountant).

The RPA designation maintains a high level of standards ensuring exemplary qualifications and examinations for public or private roles. We offer a unique perspective with a special emphasis on small-to-medium enterprises and public practice. Members must adhere to the highest international standards of professional expertise in knowledge, skills, judgment, critical thinking, ethics, and integrity to protect and serve the interests of the public.

The objects of the Society are the promotion of the accounting profession through increasing knowledge, skill and proficiency of the Society’s members, to develop and regulate the qualifications of the candidates and members of the Society.

Members convene in regional and national professional development seminars and focus groups to promote the ongoing professional development of accountancy concerning accounting standards, taxation updates, management, and financial planning.

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