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The RPA designation maintains a high level of standards ensuring exemplary qualifications and examinations for public and private roles. Members must adhere to the highest standards of professional knowledge, skills, judgment, critical thinking, ethics, and integrity to protect and serve the interests of businesses and the public.

The objectives of the Society are the promotion of the accounting profession through increasing knowledge, skill and proficiency of the Society’s members, and to develop and regulate the qualifications of the student members and designated members of the Society.

But how can I Become a Registered Professional Accountant, R.P.A ?

-there are three different paths to earn RPA Designation:

  1. Be a Community College graduate
  2. Be a University graduate
  3. Already have a Foreign Accounting Designation

RPA designation has its advantages;

  • RPA can work as an accountant
  • Can runs his/her own professional accounting practice
  • Prepare the financial statements with Notice to Reader
  • File personal and corporate tax returns
  • Represent a client at CRA audit
  • RPAs follow the professional code of ethics and maintain their professional knowledge by attending professional development courses
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