Student RPA Application Payment (for NON graduated)

Please NOTE:

Use this payment if you haven't graduated from a college or university graduated and you want to submit an application to RPA to verify how many courses are required to take as prerequisite courses before writing the MPE examination.

Without Payment, your Application won't be reviewed.

This application is non Refundable


Price : $150.00
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Student RPA Application Payment

Please submit this payment if you had submitted the Student form and if you are a graduate student from a college or university and want to start the evaluation process to become an RPA.

If you haven't submitted the form follow this link first


Price : $250.00
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Non Designation Pathway Application Payment

Submit the payment once you have completed your application form.

If you want to apply go to the following link and submit your information before making a payment

Price : $300.00
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ATMPE Letter

Approval To Mandatory Professional Exam approval letter

Price : $100.00
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RPA Brand Coffee Mugs

  • This custom RPA coffee mug is made of ceramic.
  • NOW comes in two Different Colours WHITE AND RED
  • Features a large, ergonomic C-shaped handle.
  • These are great for office lunchrooms, giveaways, and more.
  • Size holds 325 mL (11 ounces).
  • Available for Pick up
  • For Shipping, arrangements contact the office
Price : $11.30
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RPA Letter in Good Standing

A member may request a letter of good standing from the Society of Professional Accountants of Canada to support your application with employers, other professional organizations or Government bodies.


The criteria to issue a letter of good standing are as follow:

  • The annual subscription fee has been paid up-to-date;
  • Member is not currently under any disciplinary sanctions or investigations; and
  • Member has complied with the Continuing Professional Development (“CPD”) requirements of the Society.
Price : $56.50
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Professional Practice Certificate Application

Please make sure to fill up the form below FIRST and submit it!


Professional Practice Certification. Please only proceed with this payment if you have completed Professional Practice certification and you have a certificate of completion of the program.


This certificate will have 5 years of validation from the graduation  date

Price : $282.50
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