Vision – Mission and Core Values



The Society of Professional Accountants of Canada aspires to be the perpetually relevant National Professional Accounting body for local businesses by ensuring consistent excellence in both service delivery and ethical standards while inspiring commitment and active support for the communities in which our Members practice. 


The Society of Professional Accountants of Canada (SPAC) and our Members will actively contribute to the successes of local business and their communities by: 

  • Developing, delivering and monitoring an ever-evolving Education program; 
  • Embracing the practical use of current and emerging technologies; 
  • Committing to focused, relevant life-long learning; and 
  • Exemplifying strong Canadian values with high integrity and active community involvement. 

SPAC will serve the Profession and its stakeholders by protecting society’s evolving interests with a strong Code of Professional and Ethical Conduct, technical resources, tailored professional development opportunities, and advocacy programs for our Members, their Stakeholders, and the Profession itself. 



The Society of Professional Accountants of Canada will deliver on its mission by instilling our values in everything we do: 


  • Practical 
  • Relevant 
  • Current 

Integrity & Ethics Focus 

  • Accountable, fair & impartial 
  • Transparency 
  • Fiscal & Corporate Social Responsibility 
  • Diversity & Inclusivity 
  • Equality 


  • Client / stakeholder focus 
  • Collaboration 


  • Challenging the Status Quo 
  • Tech-forward
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