How to become APA


Accredited Professional Accountant (APA)

The APA Designation (Accredited Professional Accountant) is an honorary fellowship designation granted to those with a particular distinction in accountancy or public contributions.

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One of the stipulations is the requirement of maintaining an RPA membership in good standing for a duration of ten years. Nevertheless, it is essential to acknowledge that this is not the sole prerequisite for becoming an APA. Please review the comprehensive criteria outlined below:

  1. A distinguished professional career.
  2. Active volunteer engagement in the matters of the accounting profession.
  3. Dedication to voluntary service, either to society or to professional, community, or charitable organizations.
  4. Additionally, the submission of two nominations from RPA members.
  5.  participation in the RPA committees t. This involvement will not only be beneficial for your professional growth but also position you favorably for consideration as an APA.
  6. Please fill out the form

This application is not refundable.



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