RPA Canada held today a very important and informative webinar on CYBERSECURITY AND DATA SECURITY in collaboration with the Groupe Access/Tenet.

Chief Security Officer of Tenet Group Mr. Alvin Kalli, CISSP, B.Com., ITILv3, MIC highlighted the cybersecurity threats facing businesses today. He also, provided the guidelines to establish security protections, if or when this attack happens.

We are thankful to Marjorie (Kitty) Atkinson of Groupe Access/Tenet and Mr. Alvin Kalli, CISSP, ITILv3, B. Com M.I.C, for presenting this brilliant webinar to RPA members and students on this important topic.

“We emphasize on the Zero Trust policy for access to the corporate databases to protect it from vicious cyber-attacks. RPA Canada is committed to educating its members on the latest technologies through its very solid Continued Professional Development (CPD) program.” said Zubair Choudhry, RPA, APA, President of RPA Canada.

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